Where To Place Subwoofer With Soundbar? (Best Places!)

Creating quality sound output is comparable to creating art. A sound engineer makes art out of subwoofer sounds the same way an artist tries to mix his hue and make the correct strokes on the canvas.

You have bought a new soundbar and today you are trying to place it, but where? Soundbars with subwoofers can create sounds that are deep and resonate, so it’s important to make sure they fit properly.

Soundbars with subwoofers can be above or below the screen and below or above the shelf, but we recommend placing them above or below the screen.

This guide will help you determine where to place subwoofer with soundbar.

The placement for a subwoofer with soundbar depends on several things, such as your room size, type of channels, and type of soundbar.

  • * Your room size. The placement for a subwoofer with soundbar largely depends on the size of your room. Ideally, the subwoofer with soundbar should be no less than 3 feet from the back wall.
  • * The type of channels. The placement for a subwoofer with soundbar greatly depends on the number of channels.
  • * The type of soundbar. The placement for a subwoofer with soundbar largely depends on the type of soundbar.
  • * Your subwoofer with soundbar. The placement for a subwoofer with soundbar largely depends on the subwoofer with soundbar.

The good news is that you don’t need to be a sound artist to make the most out of your sound system.

Low frequencies and bass sounds are typically not well reproduced by channel speakers.

Fortunately, the soundbar subwoofer placement can be your saving grace in this situation. Subwoofers produce and enhance the bass frequencies of whatever audio you are listening to in a way that other speakers can’t.

Without a subwoofer, you would be missing out on all those sounds!

Instead, finding where to place subwoofer with soundbar placement is one of the most effective things you can do.

The location of the subwoofer in your space has a significant impact on producing a good outcome.

For instance, corner placement can enhance the sound quality, but only if the flooring is appropriate.

With that said, it can be challenging to choose the optimal location for your audio system.

Another way to boost the sound output is by matching your subwoofer with a soundbar.

When matched appropriately, the pair can help reproduce the desired sound chemistry and improve the overall production of your audio system.

We have identified the top 5 soundbar subwoofer placement for a subwoofer with a soundbar. Read on to get inspiration on Where do you put a subwoofer with a soundbar? for the best quality audio.

My Top 5 Places Where To Place Subwoofer With Soundbar

best soundbar placement

1. Place It In Front Of The Room

So, Where should a soundbar be placed? Some people choose to put their subwoofers in the back of their room.

This is usually because of the feeling of being engulfed by bass waves coming from behind.

However, the preferred location is at the front of the room, where your soundbar usually lies.

You should position the subwoofer to the left or right of the television and soundbar. You don’t have to choose between left and right if you have a larger room and two subwoofers.

Place each one on either side of the soundbar to balance the sound.

You can even place them on either side of the TV, a little further in front of it.

The room acoustics should be one of the elements you consider when placing your subwoofer.

For example, a front spot adjacent to the TV may not be the best place for the subwoofer in a room with rows of seating.

This is because only the front row will get to enjoy the terrific sound.

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2. Place It Next To A Couch

Another perfect spot you can place your subwoofer with the soundbar is next to the couch near the armrest.

This is widely considered a great placement choice for most wireless subwoofers.

The only downside is that the trembles and bass response from the subwoofer can be too extreme and can easily dominate the crisp sound effects of the soundbar.

So, to take care of this, you can place the subwoofer a few inches away from your couch.

Moreover, you can try other placement alternatives, such as behind the couch or next to the coffee table.

However, it would help if you had a wireless subwoofer to eliminate chaotic wiring on the floor for the latter.

A wireless subwoofer even provides a broader range of great placement alternatives.

Depending on the setting and the needs, you can keep a wireless subwoofer in different places.

This may include the center of the entertainment system, on the floor, on a shelf, behind the main seating area, etc.

3. Place It Against A Wall, Facing Outward

Tucking your subwoofer against the walls of your room helps produce bass and evens out the sound distribution.

Although you might not get the perfect bass reception for your subwoofer, it does not rule out the fact that walls are an excellent placement for your subwoofers. 

Try to keep the subwoofer against a wall close to your TV.

This will help the sound waves bounce off the walls and ceiling to create an even tempo. As a result, you’ll hear the sound from everywhere in the room.  

4. In-Wall Placement

If you don’t mind the extra costs of wiring, external modifications, in-wall placement is another option to consider.

However, not all subwoofers are compatible with such a setting. In this case, you would need to hire a professional to do the installation for you.

Since this can be a bit technical, it’s better not to risk doing it yourself. 

5. On The Shelves

The shelves are another good placement option for your subwoofers. However, there are two things you should consider here. 

subwoofer on shelf
  • The first would be the size of your subwoofers. Most subwoofers come in big sizes and are quite heavy. If your subwoofer is in this category, then we advise against placing it on shelves. The reason is the risk of damage. A subwoofer falling from a higher spot would sustain more damage than placed at a lower point.
  • Secondly, if your shelves are enclosed like cabinets, you would not enjoy the bass definition you’d want. But if that’s your personal preference, try removing the doors to ensure no objects obstruct the sound waves. 

Now that we have looked at the top 5 soundbar placement options to put a subwoofer with a soundbar, let’s look at some common questions people have about subwoofers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I Put A Subwoofer In A Cabinet?

Many people prefer to place their subwoofer inside a cabinet, but it’s not advisable every time. Especially not if you want to enjoy the optimal performance of your subwoofer.

Remember, the sound frequencies a subwoofer produces are multi-directional. Placing the subwoofer inside a cabinet or cupboard will restrict this flow drastically.

Moreover, most cabinets are made of sheer back panels, contributing to rattles and distorting resonances.

So, what you can do is construct a custom cabinet specifically for your subwoofer if it doesn’t have one already.

The custom-made cabinet is typically made of a thick piece of wood, ranging from 5/8 to 34 inches thick, to control vibrations and keep them to a minimum.

It should be glued and screwed tightly because the effect of the bass frequencies can undo it if it’s not held tightly.

Generally, electrical appliances shouldn’t be placed in small enclosed spaces because they can overheat, resulting in malfunction.

To ensure that your subwoofer, along with the overall soundbar package, lasts a long time, keep them in spaces where they can breathe and function properly.

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2. Should The Subwoofer Be Next To The Soundbar?

The distance between a subwoofer and a soundbar can depend on whether your subwoofer is wired or wireless.

It is good for the soundbar and the subwoofer to stay somewhat close together; this will harmonize the sounds coming from the front channel speakers.

If your subwoofer is wired, you can go as far away from the soundbar as the wires allow.

With a wireless subwoofer, it can be placed as far away as you would like. However, it is best to place them fairly close together to achieve the best sound.

This will also prevent the need for room correction software.

3. How Far Should A Subwoofer Be From A Wall?

Placing your subwoofer in a corner or close to the wall is going to result in more bass sounds and lower bass nulls.

This extra output would result from the subwoofer vibrations hitting the wall more powerfully.

Hence, it’s not necessarily the best bass. To get the best sound out of your subwoofer, we recommend that you put it at least 8 to 12 inches away from the wall. 

4. How Can I Hide My Subwoofer?

Some people don’t like to show their subwoofers or front speakers.

Here are some tips to hide them without causing any damage.

Inside a Cabinet: This is one of the most popular and easiest ways to hide a subwoofer.

However, keeping your subwoofer inside a cabinet will suppress its output. If you must choose this option, make sure the cabinet isn’t closed, at least.

Under Furniture: This stealthy location works best with small subwoofers.

The furniture serves as an isolator here by keeping the subwoofer off the floor, which would prevent acoustic vibrations and distortion of sound. 

Behind Curtains: Your long window curtain can be a great subwoofer concealer.

You can also consider hanging a fabric panel on your wall to hide the subwoofer specifically.

In-Wall: This is one of the aesthetically pleasing ways to hide your subwoofer. But, you should have a professional design and handle the installation.

It’s important so that the devices don’t mechanically vibrate the surrounding structure.

5. Does A Subwoofer Need To Be On The Floor?

For the most part, you should avoid placing your subwoofer on the floor. This is because it causes undesired vibrations, which distort the subwoofer’s overall sound quality.

This results in enormous vibrations because the subwoofer contains a large driver that requires a lot of power to move at a faster rate.

The entire floor may shake as a result of this.

To get the best results from your subwoofer, you should keep it on an elevated platform.

But if you can’t mount the woofer for some reason, you can try placing it on a table, shelf, or cabinet. You could even try a TV stand if it’s sturdy enough.

This can help to elevate your subwoofer without affecting the sound quality.

But you should also ensure that these options are heavy enough not to rattle and worsen the vibration problem.

Along with that, they should be able to support the device’s weight and prevent it from falling.

Another effective way to elevate or keep your subwoofer off the floor is by placing it on a placement pad.

Although this may somewhat dampen the bass of the speakers, it is more sustainable in the long run.

Plus, you can find several good-quality placement pads on the market that enhance the sound rather than muffle it.

Subwoofer Placement Behind Couch:

So you’re looking for the best subwoofer placement for your couch. Placing your subwoofer behind your couch is a good option if you don’t want your subwoofer to disrupt the clean lines of your seating area.

If you place your subwoofer behind your couch, you will need to position it next to the wall. This may require a little bit of ingenuity, as you need to get the subwoofer as close to the wall as possible, but still fit it between the couch and the wall.

This positioning is not only great for keeping the subwoofer out of view, but it also helps avoid damaging the subwoofer itself.

Where to Place Subwoofer With Soundbar?

When looking at the best placement for your subwoofer, keep in mind that it should be placed on a shelf.

The reason for this is because the soundbar will be able to provide a clearer and more accurate sound if it is not obstructed by furniture.

Additionally, the subwoofer should be placed in an area where it can receive adequate ventilation.

There are a few things to consider when placing a subwoofer with a soundbar. The first is the size of the room.

If the room is small, then the subwoofer should be placed close to the soundbar. The second is the type of flooring. If the floor is hard, then the subwoofer should be placed on a mat or rug to prevent vibrations. The third is the placement of the furniture.

Best Way to Place Soundbar and Subwoofer:

There are a few things to consider when placing a soundbar and subwoofer in a room. First, the soundbar should be placed in front of the TV, slightly above or below the screen.

The subwoofer can be placed either behind the TV or off to the side. It’s important to experiment with placement to see what sounds best for your particular setup.

How to improve bass response?

Bass is one of the most vital frequencies in a sound system. Bass is felt at the deepest part of the human voice and you can feel the bass frequencies at every performance that you go to. Bass frequencies are produced by the size of a speaker.

The bigger a speaker is, the more bass it produces and the larger a subwoofer you should be going with. The bigger the subwoofer is, the more bass it can produce.

Plug your subwoofer into the ports on the back of the soundbar and adjust the gain and bass treble to your preference.

How to place Subwoofer with Soundbar?

To place subwoofer with soundbar, firstly choose your soundbar and subwoofer combination.

After this, check the maximum connection distance between the subwoofer and the soundbar. Then after, choose place according to your home setup. Set your subwoofer as closer to your amp or receiver as possible.

Subwoofer distance, location and volume:

The placement of your subwoofer is very important if you want to get the full sound out of your subwoofer. When placing the subwoofer in a room, make sure you place it in the corner, not centered with the main speaker.

If you place it in the center, your subwoofer will not play as loudly as it could, but it will sound balanced. Also, make sure you know how to adjust the subwoofer.

Adjusting the subwoofer will allow you to get the best sound possible from your system.

How to setup speakers with subwoofer?

1. The subwoofer should ideally be located as close to the center of the room as possible. If you place it in the corner, you ll have difficulty hearing it. At the same time, the subwoofer should be equidistant from your soundbar. If you place it too close to it, the low bass frequencies will be distorted/ muffled.

2. Try to place the subwoofer close to walls, but between 1.5 to 2 feet from the bottom. If you place the subwoofer bottom down on the floor, the bass frequencies may not have enough room to vibrate. If you place the subwoofer upside down, the back panels will be blocked by any furniture or other items.

3. If it sounds muffled, then changes the position of the subwoofer. Stand in front of it and adjust the feet to the desired position, then test.

4. Place the subwoofer on a hardwood or carpeted surface. Avoid placing on bare concrete floors, as they muffle sounds. If you smell rubber or plastic burning, the subwoofer is emitting too much heat. Raise it up and place it on a carpet.

5. Make sure to seal the space between the subwoofer and the wall. Use a sealant or caulk to fill in the gaps. These will prevent air from moving around the subwoofer.

How to setup a Full range speaker system?

If you are looking to create a sound system for your living room, there are a few things that you should consider.

Your subwoofer should be placed so that it is a few inches off the ground, with the subwoofer facing the wall. In terms of placement, it is more important that it is facing outward than that it is at the optimal level.

You should also look at the walls in the room to determine how to place the speakers so that the sound is as clear and unimpeded as possible. This is especially important if you are placing the subwoofer in a small room.

You don’t want to place a speaker facing a wall unless it is absolutely necessary, as this can affect the quality of the sound. This is particularly important if you are placing the subwoofer in a small room.

If you are looking to make the most of your subwoofer, consider placing it in a corner or against a wall, as this will allow you to get the most bass out of the system.

When it comes to soundbar placement, there are no set rules – other than the fact that you should avoid placing the speaker on an uneven surface, or too far away from the listening area.

Where to Place Samsung Subwoofer With Soundbar?

There are a few things to consider when placing a Samsung subwoofer with soundbar. The size of the room, the layout of the furniture, and the acoustics of the space are all important factors.

The ideal placement for the subwoofer is usually in a corner or against a wall, so that the bass can bounce off of the surfaces and fill the room.

Should a Subwoofer Be Near the Soundbar?

It is generally advisable to place a subwoofer near the soundbar for optimal performance. Placing the subwoofer near the soundbar can help to create a more immersive and realistic audio experience.

The subwoofer can also help to improve the overall sound quality of the system by providing a richer and more full-bodied sound.

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The best place to put a subwoofer with soundbar is on the shelf. This is because it will give the best sound quality and will not take up too much space.

However, if you have a limited amount of space, you can also put it behind the TV or in a corner.

Based on individual preference, there is scarcely a clear consensus on the best place to place a subwoofer in the room.

So don’t be surprised if what works for you does not work for another person.

One factor that is usually considered in subwoofer placement options is aesthetics.

And this is because subwoofers have the potential to heighten a room’s visual appeal.

The placement options that have been identified in this article will help you make the right decisions on where to place your subwoofer with a soundbar.

You can try all of them to find the one that best suits your taste.

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