Where to Place Subwoofer in Living Room? (REVEALED!)

A subwoofer is one of the most essential components of your home theater system. However, most people don’t know how to choose where to place it. In general, most people place the subwoofer in the corner of the living room.

However, this doesn’t always work, depending on the type of room, the subwoofer, and personal preferences.

So, we’ve created a guide that will help you choose the best position for your subwoofer. To get good sound from your subwoofer, place it in an area where you give the most attention to the speaker.

  • * Put subwoofer near TV. This is probably the best place to put the subwoofer. This is because the subwoofer is for the sound coming from the TV.
  • * Put subwoofer near stereo receiver. The subwoofer can be placed near the stereo receiver. This is because the stereo receiver powers the subwoofer.
  • * Put subwoofer on floor. Placing the subwoofer on the floor is not a good location. This is because the subwoofer is for the sound coming from the floor.
  • * Put subwoofer on wall. This location is a bad location because the subwoofer is for the sound coming from the wall.
  • * Put subwoofer in a corner. Placing the subwoofer in the corner is not a good location. This is because the subwoofer is for the sound coming from the wall.
  • * Put subwoofer behind sofa. Placing the subwoofer behind the sofa is not a good location. This is because the subwoofer is for the sound coming from the floor.
  • * Put subwoofer behind chair. This location is a bad location because the subwoofer is for the sound coming from the floor.
  • * Place subwoofer behind couch. This location is a bad location because the subwoofer is for the sound coming from the floor.
  • * Put subwoofer in

How to design a good home theater system?

A home theater system is one of the best ways to experience movies. A home theater system provides audio and visuals that enhance the experience of watching a movie at home.

You can use your TV, Blu-ray player, and audio system together to provide a great movie watching experience.

However, a home theater system can also serve other purposes. For example, you can use it to stream music or play games. It is important to select the right components to get the best sound at home.

To design a good home theater system, you need to consider where you want to place your subwoofer.

You should place your subwoofer at a place where there is no blockage and where its audio will be heard. If you run your subwoofer cable across the floor, it will pick up vibrations and reproduce the sound.

You should also consider the size and shape of the space, which will influence the size of sub you should choose. If you want a powerful bass sound in your home theater system, consider getting one that has a high SPL (Sound Pressure Level).

When is the best time for placing subwoofer in the room?

If you have a home theater system, then you might have felt the thumps, roars, and vibrations coming from your subwoofer. But do you know where to place subwoofer in the room?

The room where you place your subwoofers affects how loud the bass is. So plan ahead to get best experience from the movies.

Here are some of the tips to place your subwoofer properly:

1. Room for power.

In order to get your subwoofer to the right position, you should make sure where there is enough power outlet in the room.

If the power outlet is placed far away from your subwoofer, you will need to use a long extension cord. Do not place the power outlet too close to your subwoofer.

2. Placement and positioning.

In order to enjoy deep, immersive bass, you should place subwoofer behind the couch. Make sure the distance between your subwoofer and your couch is roughly the same. Also, remember that the subwoofer should be placed in the center of your couch.

3. Location and Orientation.

Place your sub up against a wall – parallel to it. But also make sure that it is not placed in a corner, facing a wall.

Try placing subwoofer in center of walls, facing outward, or on the same wall as your seating area. Avoid placing your subwoofer in a corner or near windows.

4. Avoid blocking audio.

If your subwoofer is placed on a different part of the wall where your TV is located, make sure that it is not blocking audio. You may have to move your TV if it is blocking audio.

According to Home Cinema Choice, there are two important rules to the position of subwoofer.

  1. Place the subwoofer as far away from your seating position as possible
  2. Never place your subwoofer behind a couch – or place it so it won’t be able to easily reach all corners of the room.

Different places to place your subwoofer:

Subwoofers come in many different shapes and sizes, from boxy speakers to long cylindrical models. The best place to place it depends on its size and where it will lead.

Small speakers:

A subwoofer should be located in front of a listening area, like couch, chair, or bean bags. Generally, you should place your subwoofer on either side of the listening area.

Medium subwoofers:

A subwoofer should be located under a couch or chair. Placing your subwoofer on a small table or in the middle of the floor is also an option.

You can place it against a wall, but make sure that there is no carpet or rug under the subwoofer. Thick carpet or rugs will dampen the bass instead of reflecting it.

Large subwoofers:

Subwoofers can be as large as a refrigerator, so make sure there’s a place to accommodate them. Placing it at the foot of a bed or near the wall is usually the best place. A subwoofer can also be placed at the back of a sofa.

When you should move or re-position your subwoofer?

Before you start shifting your subwoofers around your room, you have to make sure that the positioning is right for your room.

If your room is acoustically treated, then shifting the position of your subwoofers won’t make a difference.

However, if your room is not acoustically treated, then shifting your subwoofers might help improve performance. Try to move or re-position your subwoofers first, and then you can re-adjust your receiver and speaker settings.

If your room is built small or tall, you might need to move your sub closer to the wall. If the room has a low ceiling, sub placement might be tricky.

You can try putting the sub against a wall and angling it downwards towards the listening position, or you can try putting your sub in a corner of the room and angling it upwards slightly so that its sweet spot lands right at ear level.

How to move your subwoofer?

In today’s audio equipment market, there are a bewilderingly large number of subwoofers to choose. Therefore, you need to know where you want to place your subwoofer in your room before you start shopping for one.

There are six possible locations, each of which has advantages and disadvantages:

1. Rear wall:

The subwoofer can be placed in the rear wall of the room. This is the best option to schedule a free area of space. However, the subwoofer’s performance may be affected if the room has sloping or curved walls.

2. Corner:

This is the best option for a room with square or flat corner walls, such as living rooms.

3. Side wall:

The subwoofer should be placed on a side wall of the room if it can be placed without making any holes.

4. Bookshelf:

An existing bookshelf can be used as a convenient location to place the subwoofer.

5. Floor:

You may find it convenient to place the subwoofer on the floor. However, this is not recommended! Fire regulations in most states prohibit placing a subwoofer on the floor. Also, it may cause performance problems, such as a subtle vibration.


The best place for a subwoofer in a living room is in the front corner of the room, behind the sofa. This will give you the best possible sound quality and bass response.

If you have a smaller living room, or if your subwoofer is not placed in the front corner, you may still get good sound quality by placing the subwoofer behind the sofa.

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