Is a Subwoofer Cable Just an RCA Cable? (Truth REVEALED!)

With the rapid development and technological advancements, we have seen several connectors, wires, and cables coming into the market. T

o end the confusion and give each of them a separate identity, companies gave them different names.

Some of the most common cable connectors are HDMI, VGA, and RCA.

For your information, RCA stands for Radio Corporation of America, and that’s how we know it.

RCA cables and subwoofer cables both connect audio and component video cables.

To have a better idea of is a subwoofer cable just an RCA cable?

let’s dive in a bit deeper into the Subwoofer Cable Vs Regular Rca

What Are RCA Cables?

Any form of cable connection having RCA push-in terminals on the endpoints can be called an “RCA cable.”

The Radio Corporation of America invented the standard RCA cables in the 1940s.

The aim was to transmit data from a phonograph to an audio amplifier. 

subwoofer cable vs rca

However, they evolved with time.

Now they send audio and video signals between components of home entertainment systems such as TV, amplifier, home theater, etc. 

They are also quite common for commercial purposes.

For usage up to 100 MHz, companies use RCA connections on various kinds of coaxial cable.

Mainly, RCA cables are used by certain mediocre amplifiers and speakers.

Since the world is rapidly moving towards wireless technology, an RCA connector and cable are becoming extinct and a hassle, but they carry an unforgettable legacy.

So we have to respect them unquestionably.

That’s the reason why there are still some great applications of RCA video cables.

Things You Should Know About Subwoofer Cables

A subwoofer cable connects a stereo amplifier to the speakers, generating low-frequency audio impulses up to 100 Hertz. 

The key specs of the specific system (amplifiers or speakers) determine whether a set of cables or a standard RCA cable is required for the connection.

The subwoofer can be quiet (with no inner amplification) or aggressive (with high internal amplification). 

Any RCA wire will transmit the data from a subwoofer with a standard RCA cable.

However, some companies name an RCA cable as a “subwoofer” after adding unique characteristics.

But remember that a stock RCA cable is not a subwoofer speaker cable.

subwoofer rca cables

With significant developments in audio technology, you’ll be able to discover reasonably priced, loud subwoofers that don’t require RCA cords.

Because 1/4″ connectors are becoming more common in “consumer-grade” audio systems. Hence, many people may never have to use RCA cords again.

Critical Differences Between RCA And Subwoofer Cable

If you’ve been analyzing subwoofer cable vs rca cable which components of your audio system are worth the investment, you’ve to decide whether to use a better freshly built subwoofer cable or a basic RCA subwoofer cable.


Generally, these two wires have the same function. 

Whereas the key difference is their capacity to provide high-quality contact between the subwoofer and the speaker.

Using a coaxial connection, RCA cables link a subwoofer to a speaker, sending a sound wave to all the channels.

Most subwoofers cable typically has the same construction as a speaker wire but with extra insulation to eliminate the loudspeaker’s annoying hum and improve quality.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, it is challenging to create an opinion.

Although it’s difficult, it’s not impossible.

As far as our experience and testing tell, a subwoofer cable provides slightly better sound quality to your ear than an RCA subwoofer cable. 

This difference might be due to the modern circuits and construction of subwoofer cable because RCA audio cable came out a long time ago and has an outdated structure.

Despite that, it’s still unclear how one would greatly increase sound quality over another.

If you’re not sure if one is worth paying for, try looking at the specs for your unit of stereo receivers.

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Speed of Signals Transfer

We all know that the subwoofer and RCA coaxial cable are used for audio and video signal transfer between different components.

The main factor to consider is the speed of this transfer. While using an RCA cable, you might sometimes feel a slight lag in the audio or video.

This lag is due to the slow pace of signals and data transfer. While on the other hand, the subwoofer cable handles it all pretty well. 

Because the subwoofer is used to catch and replicate low-frequency audio frequencies, it is necessary that the wire used to link the audio systems can transfer a clear signal.

Build Quality

The construction of a subwoofer cable is frequently identical to that of an RCA connector and cable, but the extra covering or insulation can help to lessen the speaker’s buzz.

Nothing is more irritating than hearing a buzz, hum, or screech the moment you put together your speaker system.

It is mainly because of a weak signal between the multiple parts of your audio system.

When choosing an RCA connector cable or a subwoofer cable, you should experiment with both and listen to the results.

This can give you a much better idea so you can make a wise decision.

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Verdict On RCA Vs. Subwoofer Cable

If you’re connecting your subwoofer to your amplifier using an RCA connection and you’re not hearing any noticeable audio defects or buzzing, there’s no need to replace it.

If your RCA wired connection isn’t producing a crystal-clear audio signal, it’s time to upgrade towards a more accurately built subwoofer cable.

Are Subwoofer Cables Worth It?

is a subwoofer cable worth it

Indeed subwoofer cables are exceptionally engineered to boost the low-frequency sound impulses and the audio signal supplied to your components.

However, chances are that you might still be unsure whether the purchase is worthwhile.

After all, there are various parts of a sound system that you may pick from.

While some folks believe that subwoofer cables are great value for money because they minimize speaker buzz and give a more crisp listening quality, others believe that a regular RCA cable with enough shielding would suffice.

To be sure, check the specs of your gadget.

You could discover that the frequency output limits on your gadget don’t require any special cable and that a basic RCA push-in connectors TV will suffice.

However, suppose the audio quality from your subwoofer is affected.

In that case, you should look at getting a subwoofer cable or at least buy a good quality RCA cable that can significantly increase audio quality.

Are Subwoofer Cables Effective In Reducing Subwoofer Hum? A Detailed Answer

The disturbance is the most common source of subwoofer humming.

Trouble occurs when undesired RF waves enter the audio channels, causing an irritating hum.

Because home electrical energy works at 60 Hz or 50 Hz, subwoofers can often create hum.

You can reduce subwoofer hum by using various methods, one of which is to adopt subwoofer cables rather than RCA wires since subwoofer cables are more protected.

The following are the two most common sources of subwoofer hum:

  • Interference entering the loudspeaker from the cable or other components
  • A loop in the ground

If disturbed electricity is the reason for the hum, adding more insulation to your RCA cable may help.

Subwoofer cables are often well insulated, which makes them perfect for minimizing this type of disturbance.

Of course, if your subwoofer is buzzing in the absence of a cable connection, something else is likely to blame.

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Which Cable Does A Subwoofer Use?

Some old-school AVR’s still use an old straight-wired connection. These cable connectors enable a rapid transfer of specially designed audio and video data.

Does Cable Length Affect Audio Quality?

Well, the cable length is not something that can have an influence on audio quality with either RCA or subwoofer cables.

Likewise, a thicker cable won’t also make any difference.

All in all, the thickness and length of the component cables don’t affect audio quality.


RCA cables have 3 different colors of the terminal at both of their ends.

The audio component is the yellow terminal, whereas the others function for sound.

They commonly link subwoofers to receivers or amplifiers, although they can also be utilized for other A/V connectors.

Subwoofer cables are similar to RCA cables because they carry only the low-frequency audio signals produced by the subwoofer.

They’re also more well-protected.

You can wire them directly to the woofer from a transmitter or amplifier.

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