Will Installing A Subwoofer Void My Warranty? [REVEALED]

Will Installing A Subwoofer Void My Warranty?

Adding a subwoofer to your car will not void the warranty on your new vehicle. Many people believe that adding any type of modification to a new car will void the warranty, but this is not the case. The only time that adding features or making changes to your car will void the warranty is if those changes are determined to have caused the problem with the car.

You’re a sound connoisseur, and you love to pump your tunes through the atmosphere.

You are feeling the music pulsate through every fiber of your being.

But wait, before you modify your existing system by adding a subwoofer, you may be putting yourself at risk.

Some manufacturers might not honor their warranties as soon as you modify your existing system in any way.

Perhaps this doesn’t matter to you because your goal is to produce pure auditory art. But for some, it is essential to know that their equipment is still covered.

Let’s find out how to enjoy both.

Not All Subwoofers Are Equal 

Even though many manufacturers claim to produce woofers that will blow your world, claiming high performance and total decibel production, the sound produced by equally graded equipment is not always on par. 

Proper Pairing

Many subwoofers will cause damage to the equipment if not suitably paired.

In this case, unnecessary stress may result in the existing system, including the new subwoofers.

For this reason, many manufacturers discourage individuals from modifying their sound systems with an aftermarket audio system.

This warning is because of the associated risk and possible loss of the car warranty. 

Do Your Research Before

Should you choose to modify your electrical system by installing a subwoofer, it is advisable to consult with a sound expert.

Make a choice that will not cause strain on your car’s audio system.

A good pairing may mitigate potential future loss as a result of mispairing.  

However, making a wiser pairing decision does not guarantee that you will not lose existing warranties.

Most manufacturers, as a rule, state that any modification will immediately constitute a null and void claim.

This clause is to protect the manufacturer.

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Not All Is Lost

Losing a warranty for many sound gurus out there will not stop their pursuit of pure auditory adrenaline.

Many will modify their system knowing that they may no longer qualify for any form of security.

It’s a matter of perceived pleasure over perceived threat or loss.

For car audio experts, the gain of pure audio perfection outweighs the drawbacks, and they will gladly void the warranty.

Warranties And The Law

car insurance policy and warranties

The law in the US is very clear about insurance related to consumer protection. It is the responsibility of the consumer to know their rights.

According to the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act, purchases can be sold without a warranty. 

In this case, the manufacturer must inform the consumer.

For the most part, brand new purchases of technological products are almost always covered.

Warranties or guarantees are offered for up to 36 months or as specified. But always with specific terms and conditions.

So, be sure that you read the fine print if you wish to modify your purchase with an aftermarket system.

It Must Be In Writing

Coker Wolfe Insurance has been serving the community in Nashville since 1973.

They encourage consumers to contact their insurance companies directly for advice on a warranty claim.

You have no grounds for a claim if it is not in writing, advises Wolfe.

Usually, the manufacturers or insurers will not confirm the above in writing.

In which case, it may be possible to get additional insurance to cover the desired modifications to car audio equipment.

Additional Insurance For Modifications

Adding extra third-party insurance to cover your goods may be the solution for you!

Numerous short-term insurance providers will gladly offer an extended warranty.

Many offer straight insurance for modified goods specified ahead of time, such as a sub box.

This cover is an excellent way to ensure that your precious sound system remains covered for both latent and patent defects.

These policies should also cover other losses such as theft or damage.

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Part Cover

According to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, it is possible to cover the entire system or just new components or just the modification.

It all depends on the insurer.

Consumers must ensure that everything is in writing with the relevant content. In this case, they have full rights to claim should the need arise.

Warranty Vs. Guarantee

It is also essential that consumers note the difference between a warranty and a guarantee.

Many consumers assume that these two are the same.

However, they are not. 

It is usually only at claim time that they learn that their existing cover did not fully mitigate loss.

Many discover, too late, that they are not insured or covered against certain losses.

Such losses could include damages as a result of water or smoke damage.

Here it is up to the consumer to do ample research and fully understand the terms of their agreement.

What Are The Risks?

Both known and unknown risks are associated with installing a sub box into an existing sound system.

The known risks are that cover is almost always void unless otherwise stated.

Unknown risks include compatibility and public liability issues.

Any component not explicitly designed for a system is considered a modification.

The Power Supply

The power supply is one of the first things that will usually blow.

A new power supply for even the most hardcore system is relatively affordable to replace or upgrade.

Many have taken this risk to heart and decided to go ahead because they feel the benefit outweighs the associated risk.

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Fire, A Real Concern

Another less likely risk is that of fire.

In extreme instances, there have been fires due to overheating.

A fire caused like this may result in a void claim.

Not only is the warranty lost, but there may be severe consequences as it relates to both household and car insurance.  

Although the risk is relatively low and the frequency of this occurrence is not prevalent, the damage and loss would void the warranty.

If a consumer were unable to claim for their house and house contents or car in the case of a fire, the loss would be devastating.

Public Liability And The Law 

public liability

Public liability expert Jean Murray highlights public liability risks as trending content that applies to individuals.

There may be criminal recourse in the case of a fire or electrocution due to a modified system.

The consequences may include actual time behind bars.

Just imagine. There is a fire during a performance.

The cause? Modifications made to your system.

There could be some dire consequences as a result. This fire could result in injury or even fatal casualties.

Moreover, without the proper cover, you might be to blame.

Severe Consequences

This might sound harsh, but it is the law, and it is a potential risk you take when you install a sub, for example.

Not only do you almost always render your car warranty void, but the potential hazards might include death or injury.

This could lead to criminal proceedings. 

For most of us, a thought like this will induce anxiety and panic attacks.

The consequences far outweigh the perils of possibly losing a warranty or the benefits of enjoying enhanced aural pleasure.

Does Adding Subwoofer Void Warranty?

Adding products, such as subwoofers, does not void the warranty of a new car. Cars and truck manufacturers often allow the use of aftermarket accessories for the express purpose of improving, not damaging, the vehicle.

If you wish to use an aftermarket subwoofer in a vehicle, there are some things you will need to know. First, a subwoofer is a type of speaker, as you might already know. A subwoofer is a different brand of speaker than is included in your car.

Subwoofers are not sold by the original manufacturer, so they won’t include an internal warranty.

Because aftermarket subwoofers are not purchased from the factory, you don’t have to worry that the subwoofer will interfere with your new car warranty. Some vehicle manufacturers, however, do require that aftermarket products be installed by their dealers.

Does Putting Subs in a Car Void the Warranty?

There is no warranty voiding in the back of a car for subs that are not installed properly. You should not void the warranty. Usually when the warranty is voided, it is because something was not installed properly, such as improper wattage or HDMI cables not used.

Do Subwoofers Void a Warranty?

No, a subwoofer does not void a warranty. Subwoofers are not part of the system of a house that the manufacturer provides. A subwoofer is a separate device that is intended to do a specific job. If it fails, then it could be defective and the manufacturer will fix it.

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So, Before The Fat Lady Sings 

Yes, almost certainly, most warranties will be void by tampering with factory-fitted equipment. But as the experts have said, more significant risks are present too!

Is it worth being the discussion starter in your circles without properly covering all bases? We think not! 

Before you go out and try your brand-new installed car system, be sure that you protect yourself too!

If you insist on installing a subwoofer using a wire harness, use a dealer who is certified and approved. 

Sure, it might seem easy on Google threads and YouTube.

But if something goes wrong, there is so much more than a subwoofer void warranty on the line.

You might lose your own life or the life of a loved one.

So, tread carefully, and good luck.


Does installing a subwoofer void warranty?

Installing a subwoofer in a vehicle may void the manufacturer’s warranty, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Generally, any modifications to the vehicle’s electrical system, such as adding a subwoofer, can void the warranty. Additionally, the installation of a subwoofer may cause damage to the vehicle’s electrical system, which may also void the warranty. It is important to check the manufacturer’s warranty before installing a subwoofer to ensure that the warranty will not be voided.

Does putting subs in a car void the warranty?

Generally, adding a subwoofer to a car will not void the warranty, as long as the installation is done properly and does not damage any existing components. However, some warranties may specifically exclude modifications to the car, so it is important to check the warranty before making any changes. Additionally, if the subwoofer is installed incorrectly and causes damage to the car, the warranty may be voided.

Will modifying car void warranty?

Modifying a car can not void the warranty, depending on the type of modification and the manufacturer’s warranty policy. Generally, any modification that affects the car’s performance, safety, or emissions can void the warranty. Additionally, some manufacturers do not void the warranty if the car is modified with aftermarket parts. It is important to check the manufacturer’s warranty policy before making any modifications to the car.

Does changing speakers void warranty?

Changing speakers not void a warranty depending on the manufacturer and the terms of the warranty. Generally, if the speakers are changed without the manufacturer’s permission, the warranty may be voided. Additionally, if the speakers are not compatible with the device, the warranty may be voided. It is important to check the manufacturer’s warranty terms before changing speakers to ensure that the warranty is not voided.

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