How Much Does It Cost To Install A Subwoofer And Amp In A Car?

Ever find yourself asking ‘How Much Does It Cost To Install Subwoofers And Amp In A Car’?

Are you a music enthusiast? Do you want to transform your car into a mobile concert hall? If yes, then you must have heard about installing a subwoofer and amp in your car.

But before you rush to the nearest auto shop, let’s talk about the elephant in the room- how much does it cost? It’s easy to get caught up in the rush of turning your car into a power-pumping music machine, but it’s important to understand the cost of such modifications, so you don’t end up with a hole in your wallet.

In this blog post, we will be providing you with the ultimate guide on how much it costs to install a subwoofer and amp in a car- so you can make an informed decision, budget efficiently, and enjoy thumping beats at a reasonable price.

Determining Sub And Amp Installation Cost:

The cost to connect your car stereo varies exponentially. If you were to simply purchase and install a new receiver or CD Player for your car, that could easily be done for under $100.

But when you begin to explore options for having a more expansive stereo system installed, things get a bit more pricey. Here are some common components of car stereo systems, and how much they tend to cost to have installed:

Head Unit

Replacing your car stereo with a new head unit could be an area where you save a bit of cash. Many reputable firms offer “free installation” services: if you purchase your new receiver from them, they will install it for you free of charge.

If not, you are likely to find a head unit installation service for between $50 and $150, based on make, model, and labor hours.

Car Amplifier

A good quality amplifier is essential for any car stereo system that is looking to add subwoofers and other powerful speakers into the mix. Without it, your car’s battery will struggle to supply all the components with enough power to function properly.

But deciding to have a car amplifier installed is indicative of a project becoming significantly more expensive. One can expect to pay between $120 and $130 to have their car amplifier installed, excluding vehicle-specific parts and labor.


The cost to install speakers varies significantly, largely on account of the process required to make it happen.

A subwoofer could be hooked up for as little as $20, but more extensive jobs – like fitting speakers that require car doors to be removed – can end up costing as much as $300.
In modern cars, you could be looking at replacing up to eight speakers, which may quickly add up.

Installing A Sub And Sound System In Your Car Yourself

sub installation price

Installing a subwoofer and amp in your car is a no-brainer. Bass is the most difficult range of the sound spectrum for speakers to produce, so your factory car audio system will often struggle to reproduce the low tones in the music you play.

This is even more important to note if you have your sound at loud volumes, where the distortion alone can be enough to ruin even your favorite songs.

So, as soon as you have decided to invest in a subwoofer and amp for your car stereo system, you will soon be faced with an important choice: do I wire it myself, or pay a reputable firm to do it for me?

You may be inspired to purchase all the necessary components and get on with it yourself, but there are a few complications that can arise if you lack the confidence and experience:

• It is easy to damage your car’s electrical system during the installation process, particularly if haven’t much experience with it.

• Wiring a complex car stereo system is a much bigger task than fitting a new radio. A professional may be better equipped to ensure your car battery is wired such that it has the current to spare to power a receiver, amp, and speakers.

• Incorrectly wiring, leaving live wires hanging, or exasperating battery issues are all common causes of electrical fires that can end up deadly.

For this reason, many turn to reputable firms to hook up their advanced car stereo systems for them.

Can I just add a subwoofer to my car?

When it comes to upgrading your car’s sound system, adding a subwoofer and amplifier can make all the difference in the world. Not only will it give your music a whole new level of depth and richness, but it will also let you feel the beat in your bones.

But before you start dreaming of bass-heavy road trips, you may be wondering: how much does it cost to install a subwoofer and amp in a car? The answer is, it depends.

The cost can vary depending on factors such as the brand and quality of the equipment, the complexity of the installation, and whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a professional.

But the bigger question you should ask yourself is: can I just add a subwoofer to my car? And the answer is yes, you can. However, adding a subwoofer without an amplifier may not give you the full potential of what a subwoofer can offer.

An amplifier provides the power needed to drive the subwoofer and produce the deep, powerful bass that it is capable of delivering.

So, while it may cost more to install both a subwoofer and amplifier, the end result will be worth every penny. Don’t settle for subpar sound in your car; let a subwoofer and amplifier take your listening experience to the next level.

Can you install a subwoofer and amp with factory radio?

Installing a subwoofer and amp in your car can take your sound system to the next level, but it’s essential to understand the cost involved before starting the installation process.

On average, installing a subwoofer and amp in a car could cost anywhere between $200-$1000, depending on the brand, quality, and features you choose. However, the cost can also increase if you require professional installation, additional wiring, or customized enclosures.

It’s vital to consider the crucial role a subwoofer and amp plays in enhancing the overall sound quality of your car stereo system. With the factory radio, it can be challenging to install a subwoofer and amp without a specialized wiring harness or adapter.

However, it’s still possible to enjoy the benefits of a subwoofer and amp even if you have a factory radio with some research, the right equipment, and a little bit of patience.

With a well-rounded understanding of the costs and installation process, you can enhance your listening experience and ride in style, bumping to your favorite tunes, no matter where the road takes you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does Best Buy charge to install an amp?

Best Buy charges either $119.99 or $129.99 to install car amps:
It will cost $119.99 (plus tax) to fit a 2-Channel or Mono Amp.
Or you will be charged $129.99 (plus tax) to fit a 4-Channel Amp.
These do not include the wiring kit, vehicle-specific parts, extensive labor, or hardware.
You can find out more about how much it is likely to cost to have an entire car stereo system fitted for you here.

How much does Geek Squad Charge for subwoofer installation?

To install a single subwoofer, the Geek Squad will charge a base rate of $19.99 before tax.
However, this does not include the wiring kit, vehicle-specific parts, extensive labor, or hardware.
The cost of parts and labor will vary extensively from vehicle to vehicle, so it is worth giving them a call or visiting in-store for a full quote. Although the base rate is only $20, some have spent as much as $300.

Conclusion and final thoughts 💭

Having your entire car stereo system hooked up for you can be pricey, but it may be worth it if you don’t have the confidence or the experience to mitigate the risks of trying to do it yourself.

However, there are a few tips you should keep in mind to make sure you get the best deal possible, however, complex the system you intend to have fitted:

• Whenever possible, opt for vendors who include installation costs in the purchase price of their units. This will end up saving you both time and money.

• Always shop around. Different firms and vendors will offer different rates and have different fees regarding parts and labor.

• But, at the same time, remember: the cheapest service often won’t do the best job. Stick to specialist car audio shops and large consumer stores to ensure you are getting bang for your buck.

If you need any more assistance with choosing and fitting subwoofers into your home or car stereo system, why not check out our comprehensive set of guides here.

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