Shallow Mount Subwoofer Vs Regular (Which Is Best?)

It was also possible in the past. However, installing a regular unit was more complex. That’s not to say the other is entirely better. This piece explores the pros and cons of shallow mount subwoofer vs regular.

A regular subwoofer is designed mainly to produce rich and clear low-pitched audio frequencies. In contrast, its shallow mount counterpart is made with portability and space-saving attribute in mind.

Both options serve the same function but the priorities in designing them affect the quality of bass and sub-bass they produce. As a result, the regular one can easily beat the other performance-wise.

Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that there are portable and space-saving subwoofers that can work as well as some of the standard types. You should also keep in mind where you’re going to use such equipment. For car audio, a shallow mount sub can let out enjoyable bass and sub-bass that isn’t likely to deafen or distract you.

The same can’t be said about regular subs when operated on or near their maximum limits. They might not break your car windows, but they’re bound to damage your ears. If you’re going to use them on the minimum, what’s the point of choosing them over shallow mount subs?

Power Requirement
Because of their smaller size, shallow mount subwoofers require less power than the regular ones. This is especially advantageous when they’re used in cars. The use of an amplifier is another story though. The additional equipment can take a toll on a car battery.

Weight and Bulkiness
In general, shallow mount subs are lighter and thus, more portable. They’re more preferable for car use because they won’t weigh down your rear speaker deck if you opt to install one there.

The bulky nature of regular subs makes them less suitable for your car audio. On one hand, the diameter of shallow mount subs ranges from eight to 12-inch shallow mount subs. They can also be as thin as five inches.

The regular ones, on the other hand, can be as big as 15 inches and beyond. That doesn’t include the size of their enclosure. Such space requirement is better used as additional legroom or storage in your car.

Ease of Installation in Cars
The small size and lightness of shallow mount subwoofers make them easier to install than the regular ones. More often than not, you only need a screwdriver and screws to mount them. You don’t even need advanced skills.

Some models may require additional hardware that you have to purchase from the manufacturer or from car accessory shops. Nonetheless, the needed tools and materials are still fewer.

Many car models are also equipped with relatively thin enclosures in their doors or rear speaker decks. The said feature further facilitates the effortless installation of shallow mount subs.

It’s already hard just thinking about where to place a regular sub and its equally bulky enclosure inside your car. Aside from sacrificing considerable car space, you may also need to modify the seats. Its complex installation requires more than just a screwdriver and screws.

In case you prefer a regular subwoofer, head to a car center. The said establishment has the skilled workers and facilities needed for the installation and customization of car audio systems.

If you’re looking for something you can install by yourself, a shallow mount sub is the better choice. It also helps a lot that there are plenty of forums and websites where you can get further clarity about the DIY placement of such a subwoofer.

Between a regular subwoofer and a shallow mount one, the former is less likely to fall out of its enclosure. Moreover, the enclosure of a regular sub provides it with better protection from impact. The compact design of the shallow mount sub makes it more prone to damages from impact. Even if it has an enclosure, it’s practically too thin to secure it. In this sense, the regular sub is more durable than its shallow mount counterpart.

However, the installation and quality of materials used still play a role in the durability of a subwoofer. DIY installation of a regular sub is discouraged because of its size and the car modifications required. Improper placement can make its enclosure more prone to falling down.

If you frequently have long drives or if you often go off-road, don’t expect your regular sub to last for a long time.

With proper installation, use and maintenance, the shallow mount type can last longer than its service life. You can further ensure its durability by affixing a subwoofer grill over the exposed part. Many shallow mount subs come with their own grill, but some may require buying such protection separately.

Both regular and shallow mount subwoofers can be used for multiple applications. The latter tends to be more appropriate for interior car audio systems. However, if you have passengers at the back of your truck, a regular sub will make for a more memorable joyride.

Regular subwoofers are generally better for outdoor audio systems. You can use one for watching movies in your yard or for listening to music on your patio or deck. This kind of sub is also ideal for gatherings, whether they’re done outdoors or indoors.

Aside from the interiors of cars, a shallow mount sub is suitable for compact spaces like bathrooms or kitchenettes. If you’re living in a studio-type apartment, you might even want to use such a sub instead of the regular one. Your neighbors are less likely to complain unless you have it in maximum volume all the time.

In terms of models to choose from and spare parts available, regular subwoofers have more compared to shallow mount ones. As such, the price range for regular subs tends to be wider as well.

The cheapest ones can be way less expensive than the cheapest models of shallow mount subs. However, the price of the expensive regular subwoofers could be way higher than that of the costliest shallow mount units.

When you add the installation fees in cars, that’s when regular subwoofers become generally more expensive. Even if you like to buy an additional amplifier to come with the shallow mount sub in your car, it remains more affordable. With the help of a grill, it can also be more cost-effective in the long run.

You can also buy a set of car subwoofers. A set can have a pair of subwoofers, a compact amplifier and the corresponding grills. Some sets only have one sub and one grill.

Shallow mount subwoofers have a streamlined design that facilitates nearly seamless placement. Such a feature ensures they won’t stand out, especially in your car’s interior. The enclosure of a regular subwoofer can look like an eyesore inside your car. Placing it inside the trunk or behind the backseats can help you avoid such problem though.

Due to their compact design and simple installation, shallow mount subwoofers are way easier to clean and repair. As for regular subs, you’ll take more time cleaning. Their complex design also makes it a bit harder to spot and fix problems.

Sources of Shallow Mount Car Subwoofers

Manufacturers of home appliances are also into the production of subwoofers and other audio system parts for cars. Car manufacturers offer car accessories for their line of vehicles. They either make it on their own factories or partner up with another manufacturer.

Then there are makers that specialize solely in car subwoofers. Between the three sources of car subwoofers, car manufacturers tend to be the least ideal option when it comes to versatility. Nonetheless, their offers are the most compatible with their respective cars, especially in terms of aesthetics and audio.

Subwoofers versus Bluetooth Speakers
Aside from subwoofers, Bluetooth speakers can now help you enjoy music wherever you go. The latter doesn’t require installation.

They help you save time and space. On the downside, they’re more prone to falling out, and thus, damages. Additionally, Bluetooth speakers—and regular speakers in general—can’t achieve quality bass and sub-bass production on their own.

They’re bound to require a subwoofer. The question goes back to which is the better sub.

There’s no single answer as to that. When choosing between shallow mount subwoofer vs regular, set your priorities first. Are you looking for a more user-friendly, cost-effective choice? Are you going to use it solely for your car audio system? If you say yes to both questions, the shallow mount subwoofer will help fulfill your needs.

Slim Subwoofer Vs Normal?

There are many different types of subwoofers on the market. Slim subwoofers and normal subwoofers are two of the most popular. So, which one is better?

To answer that question, we need to take a look at what each type of subwoofer offers. Slim subwoofers are designed to be compact and easy to transport.

They don’t take up a lot of space and they’re lightweight, making them perfect for small rooms or apartments.

Normal subwoofers, on the other hand, are larger and heavier. They offer more power and bass than slim subwoofers, making them ideal for larger rooms or homes.

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