Top 10 Best Earbuds for Sauna (Sauna-Proof by Experts!)

Best Earbuds for Sauna are becoming more and more popular, with consumers using them to relieve stress, detoxify the body, improve sleep, and more.

When it’s time to kick back and relax, people want to be able to jam out to their favorite artists’ beats, whether it’s Spotify playlists or the latest DJ mixes.

And whether you’re at the gym, at a yoga studio, or at home, you’ll want to be able to hear those beats in crisp quality with beats headphones in sauna. That’s why you need high-quality earbuds.

When it comes to music, quality is everything.

That’s why our audio engineers spend hundreds of hours evaluating headphones and earbuds, including our own audio team (they’ve tested over 35 headphones!) as well as consumer testers.

When evaluating earbuds, we test them using a variety of music sources, paying close attention to sound quality.

Here Is the Top Best Earbuds for Sauna Pick:

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We also look at comfort, noise cancellation, and ease of connectivity. Here are the best earbuds for sauna in 2023.

1. Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds Review:

The Jabra Elite Active 65t is our top pick for earbuds. The headphones are comfortable, and they provide clear calls and music, even in windy conditions.

In our tests, the earbuds lasted 4 hours and 23 minutes on a full charge, and the charging case provided another 4 hours, for 8 hours of total listening (not everyone’s needs are the same, though).

They also charge fairly quickly, so you can swap the case with a fully charged one and go out the door.

The earbuds have a built-in mic and speaker, so you can take calls and listen to music without wires. They also have an IP57 rating, which means they can survive water splashes from a shower and sweat.

The active noise cancellation is good, and the headphones are sweat and waterproof, so they’re ideal for sports. Because the case holds two earbuds, you don’t have to worry about one accidently getting lost during a workout.

The earbuds are compatible with iPhones and Android phones, so there’s a wider range of uses than with our other picks.

Compared to the the Jabra Elite 65t, the Elite Active 65t are smaller and lighter, so they fit better inside your ear, and the spring-loaded earbuds provide better stability during workouts.

However, they’re also more expensive, and the case is bulkier. But despite some differences, these earbuds still offer great sound, a secure fit, and long battery life.

In my testing, I found that it is best for someone who is looking for a pair of earbuds for working out, running or any other active lifestyle.

They have great sound quality and fit securely in your ear without any risk of falling out. In addition, they’re sweat and water

2. IP68 Waterproof Earbuds for Swimming Shower Bath Driving Sauna Review:

These earbuds are more expensive than the previous best pick, but they’re better overall, and much better value than the IPX-7 version.

The speaker sound quality is far better than many other wireless earbuds on the market, and it’s on a par with some wired earbuds. In our tests, they lasted 3.5 hours on a single charge, enough for a full workout.

They’re also comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time, and they don’t hurt either.

The earbuds also work well as wireless headphones, which you can’t do with many wireless earbuds, and the IPX-7 version is also waterproof and has an IP69 rating, so you can wear them in the shower or while swimming.

The charging case is versatile, letting you charge two earbuds at once. The earbuds are lightweight and water resistant, and they take up almost no space at all, so they’re great for travel or as a backup pair.

And the IPX-7 version has a slightly wider soundstage and better mid and bass response, so it’s worth paying the extra 30 bucks or so. The earbuds do have a learning curve:

They don’t automatically turn on when you insert them, and there’s no visual cue to how far in you’ve inserted them. You have to tap the side of the earbud once to turn it on.

And on Apple devices, you have to press and hold the play/pause button for a few seconds until the earbuds show up in the sound menu.

3. APEKX Bluetooth Headphones True Wireless Earbuds Review:

The APEKX BE1032 might qualify as a mini Bluetooth speaker, but it’s really a set of wireless earbuds, and it combines the benefits of a portable Bluetooth speaker (cordless) with the convenience and comfort of true wireless earbuds (no cords).

Incorporating the advanced Bluetooth 5.0, the APEKX BE1032 can provide ultra-stable music transmission with 2.4-GHz frequency that can reach up to 33 feet.

And it has built-in Ambient Noise Reduction tech, which can block outside noise, reducing outside noise and bring you wonderful music listening experience.

The earbuds have IPX7 waterproof design, the IPX5 sweatproof design can block the sweat from touching it.

And the waterproof earbuds can float on water. With a built-in 4000mAh lithium-ion battery, the APEKX BE1032 wireless earbuds can provide 20 hours playtime.

IPX7 Waterproof Design & Sweatproof Design The APEKX BE1032 wireless earbuds have IPX7 waterproof design, the IPX5 sweatproof design can block the sweat from touching it. And the waterproof earbuds can float on water.

4. IP68 Waterproof Swimming Earbuds Review:

The tiny size of the IP68 Waterproof Swimming Earbuds make them perfect for exercising, but you’ll still need to make sure keeping them dry between uses and that they get charged up.

The earbuds are light and comfortable, and it’s possible to wear them while swimming, thanks to its IP68 rating.

Also, they get charged quickly (up to 3 hours of playback from a full charge in just 30 minutes when using USB-C) and they last for a really long while.

The earbuds are compatible with most Bluetooth devices, including iPhones and Android phones, and they do reasonably well pairing with iOS.

If you’re using them with an iPhone, for example, you can swipe up from any screen to toggle between Bluetooth, music, and voice calls, and you can also swipe up and play/pause the track.

The earbuds are waterproof up to 3 meters and leakproof, so while they may not stay dry while you’re swimming, they won’t leak. And with a 600mAh rechargeable battery, you can get about 4 hours of playback.

The sound quality is quite good for earbuds of this size, and the bass isn’t too overpowering. Even at the highest volume, our tests revealed clear, detailed acoustics and sound, and the bass isn’t overwhelming.

But they don’t deliver the same level of audio quality as the top models we tested. That said, their sound quality is better than the sound quality of the cheaper models we tested, and that’s a big plus.

In addition, the case has an IP68 rating, so it won’t leak and it’s waterproof up to 3 meters, so it’s a good carrying case for earbuds.

The charging box is waterproof, too, and it does float on water, so you can never worry about it being lost or sink into water when swimming/fishing/showering.

The earbuds come in three different size ear caps: S/M/L. We recommend you wear the earbuds with S ear cap for comfortable and stable wearing.

The earbuds come with wireless audio connection cable and 3 pairs of silicone ear caps (S/M/L).

The earbuds work nicely on a TV or monitor, but we found the audio performance to be a little uneven. They sounded better through headphones or with a Bluetooth speaker.

5. JBL Tune 125TWS True Wireless In-Ear Headphones Review:

The JBL Tune 125TWS True Wireless Earphones are the best pair of true wireless earbuds we’ve reviewed so far.

They sound great, they’re comfortable and the battery lasts as long as they claim.

They have good call quality, and they’re tangle-free, which is helpful. The carrying case is compact, and it comes with three sizes of eartips, so most people should be able to find a pair that fit.

The 32-hour battery life takes a little getting used to, but if you’re only listening to music or talking for 30 minutes, it’s not a big deal at all.

The main drawback is that, because it’s an open fit, the JBL Tune 125TWS won’t necessarily seal out noise, so you might hear some ambient noise. Also, they’re a little pricey.

But they’re by far the easiest true wireless earbuds to use, and the combination of great sound, good battery life, and tangle-free cables make them the best true wireless earbuds you can buy today.

6. TAGRY Bluetooth Headphones True Wireless Earbuds Review:

There’s no shortage of bad Bluetooth earbuds in the market, but the TAGRY X08 earbuds are actually pretty good for the price.

They sounded good in testing and the audio quality was on par with high-end earbuds.

They have a comfortable fit, and both the charging case and the earbuds themselves are comfortable to use.

The absence of an inline microphone may be a drawback if you like to make phone calls while you’re listening to music, but at this price point, the TAGRY X08 earbuds are comparable in quality to most other Bluetooth earbuds, but fall considerably behind in terms of price, battery life, and sound quality.

7. Jabra Elite Sport Earbuds Review:

The Jabra Elite Sport are a great pair of wireless earbuds for runners and other athletes looking for uncompromising sound, reliability, and battery life.

The earbuds are comfortable to wear during workouts, and I received tons of compliments (and a few jealous looks) when I used them at the gym.

They pair seamlessly via Bluetooth, and (unlike with other earbuds) you can actually hear the person calling through the earbuds.

The earbuds also have great battery life; I easily got 3 1/2 hours of play time for each earbud, and the included charging case provides an additional 14 hours of battery.

The earbuds are IP57 rated, which means they can withstand sweat and rain, and the case is IP67 rated, which means it’s waterproof.

The earbuds are also IPX5 rated, which means they are protected against water jets sprayed in any direction, making them usable during an active lifestyle.

Overall, these are the best true wireless earbuds we tested, and they are very reasonably priced.

8. TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones Review:

The TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones Touch Control with Wireless Charging Case IPX8 Waterproof Stereo Earphones in-Ear Built-in Mic Headset Premium Deep Bass for Sport Black is probably our favorite pair of truly wireless earbuds.

Its sound quality rivals that of wired earbuds, without the cables, and it’s lightweight, waterproof, and has better battery life than our pick.

On the down side, we found that white earbuds have a tendency to pick up dirt easily, and they don’t stand out as much when running.

We also wish they were compatible with Siri.

9. Bose SoundSport Free, True Wireless Review Best bose headphones in sauna:

This pair of earbuds is wireless, so you won’t have to deal with earbuds getting stuck in your hair or running down your arm.

They come with three pairs of ear tips, including one pair that locks the buds in place and is meant for use with workout headphones. There’s also a headband included, so you can wear the earbuds without falling out.

The sound quality is excellent, and they make music sound rich and full. Like most true wireless earbuds, they stayed in my ears during workouts, and I had no issue hearing audio around me through the buds.

You can control playback, as well as use voice commands, with the Bose connect App, which is available for Android and iOS. You can even find and play back your missing earbuds with the find My buds feature.

Other perks include wireless charging in the included carrying case and automatic software updates. One con: The earbuds aren’t as sweatproof as we would have liked.

10. Tribit Wireless Earbuds Review:

If you’re looking for a set of high-quality earbuds that sound good and are built to last, the Tribit FlyBuds 3 are a great choice.

For this price, you get a pair of earbuds that sound fantastic, are waterproof, and come with several useful features, including a method for pairing directly to another headset for hands-free calls and a charging case that doubles as a portable battery pack.

They sound good in our tests across a wide frequency range, and the bass’s deep thumps come through without feeling too heavy or unbalanced.

The earbuds are comfortable for extended listening sessions, and they fit securely in our ears without being too intrusive (we preferred the earbuds over the in-ear buds that came in the box with our Klipsch Image One earbuds).

The charging case, while not particularly large, charges the earbuds quickly, and that’s handy for traveling or when you’re on the go. If water and sweat aren’t an issue, the Tribit earbuds are a great option.

What to look for when purchasing a pair of Best Earbuds for Sauna?

US Steam Room Market is poised to grow at a CAGR of 5% by 2027, according to research by mordorintelligence.

The traditional sauna is a great way to experience the benefits of sauna therapy, but many people find the experience to be unpleasant. To remedy this, many have turned to water therapy.

While there are many benefits to water therapy, there are not many water therapy options that are as enjoyable as the traditional sauna. For this reason, water therapy options for sauna have flourished. To make the most of water therapy, be sure to select the right water therapy options.

Some of the features to look for in a pair of earbuds include:


One of the most important aspects of water therapy is its ability to be waterproof. Water therapy options should be able to function well even when submerged in water for long periods of time.


Water therapy is a relaxing experience. In order to enjoy water therapy to its fullest, you’ll want to purchase earbuds that are comfortable. These earbuds should not be too tight or too loose.

Easy to use:

Many water therapy options come with controls that make it difficult to use. In order to get the most out of your water therapy experience, be sure to select options that are easy to use.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Best Earbuds for Sauna?

With sauna earbuds, you’ll be able to listen to your favorite music while relaxing after a workout or just enjoying a nice, hot steam bath. There are many benefits to sauna earbuds, but there are a few things to consider before you purchase a pair.

First, you’ll want to pay attention to the quality of the earbuds.

They should be made from durable materials, and they should fit comfortably within your ears. They should be sweat-proof as well so they won’t get damaged if they’re accidentally dropped in the sauna or steam room.

Read reviews:

Second, you should read reviews and look through customer testimonials about the earbuds you’re considering. Find out which brand and model customers recommend and which ones they should avoid.

Third, pay attention to the warranty.

Consumer protection laws should be followed so it’s wise to purchase a product that comes with a warranty.

This way, if something goes wrong with the earbuds or they don’t perform the way they should, you can return them and get your money back or an exchange.

What are the features you should look for in a pair of Best Earbuds for Sauna?

Saunas are a favourite pastime of many people, but enjoying saunas with them can be a problem, unless you are carrying a pair of earbuds to listen to music.

There are many earbuds for sauna available on the market, but finding a pair that fits your preferences can be a problem.

The earbuds for sauna are available either with active noise cancellation, or without active noise cancellation.

Active noise cancellation feature helps in reducing noise from external environment.

These earbuds for sauna are an ideal option if you frequently use saunas, but you may want to leave your earbuds within the sauna.

Are Headphones Sauna Proof?

Headphones can be sauna proof depending on the type of headphones that you buy. Bose headphones, for example, are designed to be sauna proof, and are an ideal choice for people who want to enjoy music in the sauna.

The design of Bose headphones is tailored to the environment of a sauna, as the material is both sweat and water resistant.

The closed ear cups also provide a high level of sound isolation, so you can enjoy your music without distraction.

Additionally, the headphones are designed to be lightweight and comfortable, so you can enjoy your sauna experience without any discomfort.

Can You Use Headphones in a Sauna?

Yes, you can use headphones in a sauna. However, it is important to be aware of the risks that come with using headphones in a sauna. The heat and humidity of the sauna can cause damage to the headphones and even cause burns if they are kept too close to your skin.

Additionally, prolonged exposure to the heat and humidity can also cause the headphones to malfunction or even break.

It is important to ensure that the headphones are not placed too close to the body, and it is also recommended to remove them periodically to allow the skin to cool off.

Additionally, take care to keep the headphones away from any water or steam in the sauna to avoid any damage.

Do saunas ruin headphones?

Saunas can be very damaging to headphones. The high levels of heat and humidity can cause contact corrosion, while the steam can corrode sensitive electronic components.

In addition, the sweat and oils from your body can also damage the foam and plastic parts of the headphones.

It is also important to make sure to dry the headphones thoroughly after exposure to the sauna, as moisture can cause further damage.

Will sweat damage my Bose headphones?

Sweat can damage your Bose headphones if it is not wiped off and dried properly. Sweat can corrode and rust the metal components of the headphones, as well as damage the electronic circuits.

Sweat can also form a slimy residue on the ear pads and headband and cause a buildup of bacteria.

To ensure your Bose headphones last longer, it is important to wipe off sweat with a soft cloth and then thoroughly dry the headphones with a dry cloth after each use.

Additionally, it is important to store the headphones in a cool, dry place when not in use to prevent damage from sweat and moisture.


What are the best earbuds for saunas?

The best earbuds for saunas are those that are waterproof and sweat-resistant. Look for earbuds with an IPX rating of 7 or higher. Additionally, look for earbuds with noise-canceling technology and secure fit for the best sound quality in the sauna.

What should I consider when choosing earbuds for saunas?

When choosing earbuds for saunas, it is important to consider durability, sound quality, and comfort. Look for earbuds with waterproof and sweat-resistant material and an IPX rating of 7 or higher. Additionally, look for earbuds with noise-canceling technology and secure fit to ensure the best sound quality in the sauna.

Are wireless earbuds good for saunas?

Yes, wireless earbuds are a good choice for saunas. Look for earbuds with a waterproof and sweat-resistant rating and an IPX rating of 7 or higher. Additionally, make sure your wireless earbuds have noise-canceling technology and secure fit for the best sound quality in the sauna.

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