Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus Review (Tried & Tested by Experts!)

The Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus is a powerful, handheld two-way radio that offers a wealth of features for amateur radio enthusiasts.

With its 200-watt output power, this radio can easily reach long distances, making it an excellent choice for emergency communication and long-distance communication.

It also features an impressive 1.5-watt audio output, a full-color LCD display, and a 3,000 mAh battery for extended use. In this review, we will explore the features of the Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus and give our opinion on whether or not it is worth the purchase.

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Here Is My independent Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus Review and opinions:

The Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus is a great radio for amateur ham radio users. It has an impressive power output of 8 watts, and its frequency range covers [TX] 136 – 174MHz, 400 – 520MHz, [RX] 136 – 174MHz, 400 – 520MHz, 68-108MHz (FM Broadcast).

The Baofeng also comes with 128 programmable channels, dual band support, battery saver, VOX support, a built-in flashlight, and the ability to store up to 128 contact details.

Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus Review

Its user interface is intuitive, and the backlit LCD display makes it easy to read in low light conditions.

Overall, the Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus is a great value for money ham radio with excellent performance.

How Does It Work?

The Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus is a feature-rich two-way radio that is designed to provide users with long-range capabilities. It is able to transmit on a range of frequencies and can be programmed to receive up to 128 channels.

Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus Review

The radio also comes with a durable construction, making it suitable for use in rugged environments. It includes a built-in LED flashlight, allowing users to light up their surroundings in low-light conditions.

In addition, the radio has an impressive battery life and is capable of providing up to 72 Hours time on a single charge.

Is It Easy To Use?

The Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus is designed to be user-friendly, with its intuitive menu system, illuminated LCD display and intuitive button layout.

Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus Review

Its ergonomic design allows for easy handling, while its eight-watt output power makes it a powerful choice for those looking for a reliable ham radio.

The Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus also comes with a wide range of accessories, such as antennas, chargers and programming cables, making it a great option for any amateur radio enthusiast.

Overall, the Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus is an easy to use radio that offers powerful performance and plenty of features.

What are the Features of the Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus?

The Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus radio features a wide range of features, including:

  • Dual band operation (VHF/UHF).
  • Long-range signal (up to 5 watts output power).
  • 128 memory channels with channel scan and frequency step function.
  • High/Low power settings (4W/1W).
  • LED display for frequency and channel.
  • VOX (voice operated transmission) for hands-free operation.
  • Emergency alarm feature.
  • 1750Hz tone burst.
  • Time-out timer.
  • Dual watch and dual reception.
  • Built-in FM radio receiver.
  • Built-in CTCSS/DCS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System/Digital Coded Squelch).
  • High/Low power settings.
  • Priority scan function.
  • Keypad lock.
  • 3.5mm audio jack.
  • Battery save function.
  • Squelch level adjustment.
  • Adjustable volume level.

How Far Can You Send And Receive On The Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus?

Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus Review

The Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus has a maximum range of up to 15 miles (24 km). However, this range can be affected by various factors such as terrain, obstacles, and interference from other radio signals.

Is A Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus Worth It?

The Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus radio is an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable, portable, and reliable communication device.

This handheld radio was designed with the amateur radio user in mind, delivering a wide range of features at an affordable price.

With an impressive list of features including an extended frequency range, a wide range of accessories, and a long battery life, the Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus radio is definitely worth it.

It is also a great choice for those who want to keep their cost low and still receive quality performance from their radio.

With its intuitive design, it is easy to set up and use, and its long battery life makes it a great choice for those who do not want to constantly worry about recharging their radio.

All in all, the Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus radio is definitely worth the money and is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable, reliable, and versatile communication device.

Key Features As a beginner user’s perspective:

The Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus is an ideal radio for those starting out in the world of two-way radios. It has a simple design and an intuitive interface, making it easy to use for those without extensive experience.

The radio also offers a wide range of features that are sure to appeal to beginner users, dual band operation, and a powerful 5W output.

Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus Review

Additionally, the radio has a built-in LED flashlight and emergency alarm function that can be used in case of an emergency.

With its user-friendly design and impressive range of features, the Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus is an excellent radio for those new to two-way radio communication.

How I tested This Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus?

Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus Review

When testing the Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus, I wanted to ensure I was giving an accurate and comprehensive review. To do this, I took the radio out in multiple environments and tested its reception, range, and sound quality.

Additionally, I tested the radio in both urban and rural settings in order to get a better sense of how it performed in different types of terrain. I also tested the battery life and ease of use of all the features on the radio.

After testing these features, I was able to give an honest and complete review of the Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus.

How Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus measures up in various categories of performance?

The Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus is a two-way radio that has been praised for its excellent performance in various categories. It has a dual-band receiver and can receive both VHF and UHF signals, allowing it to communicate with other radios on different frequencies.

Additionally, it has a strong 2,000 mAh battery that allows for long use time. With its large LCD display, the Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus makes it easy to read large amounts of information such as signal strength and battery life.

Furthermore, it has a rugged construction that is designed to withstand tough conditions. Overall, the Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus is a great option for those looking for a reliable two-way radio with excellent performance capabilities.

Comparing This Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus To Its Competitors like Cobra ACXT645:

The Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus is a great two-way radio for anyone looking for a lightweight and affordable option.

Compared to its competitors like the Cobra ACXT, the BF-F8+ Plus offers many of the same features, including a range of up to 8 watts, 128 memory channels, and an extended battery life.

It also comes with additional features like an LED flashlight and an extended antenna for improved reception.

Furthermore, the BF-F8+ Plus is more affordable than many other two-way radios, making it a great value for those looking for an inexpensive communication device.

In Which certain uses or circumstances might be best for?

Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus Review

The Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus is a great radio for a variety of uses. It is especially well-suited for outdoor activities due to its durable construction and long-range transmission capabilities, making it an ideal choice for campers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Additionally, with its powerful dual-band reception, the Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus is well-suited for emergency preparedness, as it can be used to communicate over long distances when cellular signals are unavailable.

Furthermore, it is straightforward to use and set up, making it a great choice for first-time users.

Benefits and drawbacks of Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus:


  • Long-range two way radio communication
  • Affordable price point
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Works Well For Maritime VHF
  • Everything exactly as advertised
  • Awesome little radio


  • TX/RX performance seems to be deficient
  • Hard Buttons to press
  • Limited frequency range 
  • Not compatible with all types of radios

How Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus evolved from previous models?

The Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus is the latest handheld transceiver from Baofeng and it offers several improvements over its predecessor, the Baofeng BF-F8.

This new model features a longer battery life, improved antenna, increased range, and a more powerful output. It also features an improved menu system and an enhanced keypad for easier navigation.

For users looking for the ultimate in two-way radio performance, the Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus is the perfect choice.

Key decision-making factors Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus:

  • 1: Frequency Range: 136-174MHz & 400-520MHz
  • 2: Dual-Band Display, Dual Freq. Display, Dual-Standby
  • 3: Output Power: 4W/1W
  • 4: 128 Channels 50 CTCSS and 104 DCS
  • 5: High & Low Power Switchover 
  • 6: Battery Saving 
  • 7: VOX Function 
  • 8: Voice Prompt 
  • 9: PC Programming 
  • 10: Emergency Alarm

How a Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus has been designed and their effect on the users?

The Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus has been designed with a range of features that make it an ideal radio for both novice and experienced radio users.

The radio has a large, easy-to-read LCD display with a wide range of settings, as well as a durable construction that is resistant to shock and vibration.

Additionally, the radio has an impressive output power of 8 watts, giving it an extended range.

This makes it ideal for communicating over long distances. Users have also noted the improved audio quality over its predecessor, making it easier to communicate in noisy environments.

All in all, the Baofeng BF-F8+ Plus is an excellent choice for any radio user looking for an affordable and reliable radio.


How far can a Baofeng reach a repeater?

A Baofeng handheld radio can reach a repeater up to 5-10 miles away, depending on the terrain and other environmental conditions.

The repeater amplifies the signal, so the distance the signal will travel is increased significantly compared to the range of the Baofeng radio alone. T

o get the most range out of your Baofeng radio, it’s important to ensure that the antenna is properly connected and the radio is set to the correct frequency.

Additionally, making sure that the antenna is placed in an elevated position can help to increase the distance the signal can travel.

With the proper setup and conditions, you can expect your Baofeng radio to reach a repeater up to 5-10 miles away.

How do I increase the range on my Baofeng?

To increase the range on your Baofeng radio, start by checking the antenna. A longer antenna will generally increase the range of your radio.

Make sure the antenna is securely connected to the radio. If necessary, replace the antenna with a larger one. Additionally, make sure the antenna is extended or fully upright. If the antenna is bent or folded, it will reduce the range of your radio.

Additionally, ensure the radio is set to the correct frequency. If the wrong frequency is selected, it may limit the range of the radio.

Finally, make sure the volume is turned up. If the volume is too low, it will limit the range of the radio. Following these steps can help you increase the range of your Baofeng radio.

Can you listen to police on Baofeng?

No, you cannot listen to police on a Baofeng radio. Baofeng radios are not designed to pick up police frequencies, and even if you could pick up the frequencies, you would not be able to understand the encrypted radio traffic.

If you want to listen to police radio, you need to purchase a police scanner capable of picking up the frequencies used by your local law enforcement agencies.


The BF-F8+ Plus has a large range, making it ideal for long-distance communications. Additionally, it features a dual-band capability, which allows users to communicate with both VHF and UHF frequencies.

It also has a wide selection of features and functions, allowing users to customize their radio to suit their needs.

The BF-F8+ Plus is a great radio for those who need a reliable, powerful and versatile solution for their communication needs.

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